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Property Management: How to Be a Hands-Free Landlord

Property Management Blog
Around 11,000 landlords exist in the U.S., but most have a similar goal: to become a hands-free landlord.Some landlords enjoy handling some duties required for their properties. But handling every task is cumbersome! After all, it... read more >>

1031 Exchanges: Everything You Need to Know

Property Management Blog
In 2021, the global real estate market was expected to have a value of $11.4 trillion. By 2031, that number is expected to reach a whopping $30.5 trillion.Real estate investing is a great way to make and grow your money. For most ... read more >>

Redfin Uses Insights from HomeRiver Group

Property Management Blog
Check out the recent Redfin article that HomeRiver Group's RVP Alex Goldthwaite was quoted in:Rental housing laws are in place to protect both landlords and tenants throughout the rental relationship. Whether the apartment is ... read more >>

How Property Managers Can Help You Achieve Financial Freedom

Property Management Blog
A recent survey conducted by CNBC found that 23 percent of Americans think that real estate is the best way to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. Property management oversees your investment, so you spend less time managi... read more >>

The Benefits of Owning Rental Property in 2023

Property Management Blog
Did you know that the market size of the apartment rental industry in 2021 was $169.5 billion?In today's uncertain economic climate, it can be hard to know where to invest your money.You want a safe and reliable investment tha... read more >>

How Much Profit Should You Make on a Rental Property?

Property Management Blog
As of 2022, 36% of American households rent their homes rather than buying them outright.For those looking for a passive income stream, the idea that housing rentals are going up means that owning a rental property could be a prof... read more >>

How to Rent Out Your House: Things You Need to Consider

Property Management Blog
Spokane, Washington is a special place. The state's second-largest city is a hub for business, culture, and the U.S. Air Force. There are plenty of jobs, gorgeous scenery, and things to do.With so much to offer, it's no wo... read more >>

5 Valuable Tips for the Daily Maintenance of Property

Property Management Blog
90% of millionaires get their wealth from investing in real estate, but knowing how to buy a property is different from looking after one.If you don't invest time and energy into the maintenance of property care, you could pay... read more >>
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