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A Quick Introduction to Real Estate Investing

Home River Group - Spokane - Tuesday, February 22, 2022
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There are many different ways to invest your money. Retirement accounts, stocks, real estate--there is an opportunity for most people! 

If you are trying to start your real estate investing journey, you probably have some questions. 

Here are some of our top real estate investing tips! 

Why Do People Invest in Real Estate?

Most people invest in real estate for appreciation, depreciation, tax benefits, and cash flow. If you are interested in starting a career in real estate investment (maybe you want to flip houses full time!), then that is doable.

Other investors are looking for a source of income that is passive. Whether you want to make this your job, or just add it to your sources of income, you and your family should be fully committed before jumping into real estate investing!

Can You Invest While Working Full-Time?

You can absolutely invest while working full-time! There are several ways to invest in real estate as a side hustle or a source of mostly passive income.

You can partner with other investors to purchase a property. You can buy and hold property and work with a property management company. You can even serve as a private lender or invest in notes/mortgages!

None of these investment strategies would require forty hours a week of your time.

Can You Invest With Minimal Funds?

There are many ways for you to invest in real estate if you have minimal funds.

One option is to find a partner who has money! Of course, this means that you need to develop your skills so that you have something to bring to the table as a part of that partnership.

Other options include wholesaling, opening lines of credit, and working with FHA loans that require a 3.5% down payment.

How Can You Learn About Real Estate Investing?

There are many different avenues for learning more about real estate investing. You can work with a mentor, or buy books on the subject.

If you are looking for free resources, the internet is filled with trustworthy blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts that cover important investing topics. Finding information about real estate investing for beginners won’t be hard.

Even if you plan on working with a more experienced partner or a property management company, you should try to educate yourself on the basics before getting started!

How Do You Get Started?

As you enter this world of real estate and start looking for an investment opportunity, there are some steps you’ll need to take.

You’ll need to start by determining what kind of property you want to invest in (commercial, residential, single-family, etc). Once you have done that, start looking for properties that are within your price range for the funding you have secured.

You’ll also need to build your team of property managers, tax professionals, contractors, and more!

Are You Ready to Invest?

Real estate investing is filled with a wide range of opportunities for new investors. Whatever your interests and financial means, you can find a way to invest in the real estate space.

Interested in learning more about how property managers can help you with your new investments? Contact us and speak to a management professional today!