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6 of the Best Property Marketing Tips

Home River Group - Spokane - Tuesday, August 24, 2021
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Statistics show that by 2025, millennials are expected to form 20 million new households

What does this mean for selling property? When is the time to sell and how do you go about doing it? Are there some marketing strategies that work better than others?

Doing the work ahead of time will allow you to have a smoother sales process long-term. 

Keep reading to learn about the best property marketing tips:

1. Create Shareable Content

Whether you hire a photographer to take stunning photos of the home or do a video walk-through of the space, it is important to make the content shareable. People who are not interested in buying may see the information and think of a friend that might be a good fit for the property.

Keeping this idea in mind will allow you to brainstorm a variety of different property marketing ideas to promote the property. 

2. Work With Professionals

Marketing any product requires a combination of knowledge and strategy to properly display the message. You also want to reach your target audience in a unique way that stands out from your competition.

When you are marketing your property, pricing it correctly is important. This prevents long and expensive vacancies that cost you money. 

3. Host an Event at the Property

Whether you host an open house type of event or just an open invitation for people to come to the property, it can help market the house. An important part of properties is their ability to host people and having an event could show off this aspect in a very realistic way. 

4. Use Your Past Clients for Property Marketing

In the time where you can search for reviews on everything, it is important to interact with your past clients. They can be your biggest asset when selling a property or trying to find a tenant for another space. 

Referrals make a huge impact in real estate and it is all about relationships. The trust between the agent and the person allows them to refer another person because they are confident that their family or friend will get the same result that they did.

5. Make It Personal

If you are looking for new tenants for your property, you will likely need to find ways to stand out among the other properties in their search. Something as simple as learning their name or something about them and then bringing it up later can be the personal connection that sets you apart. 

A handwritten thank you note, whether they decide to go with your property or not, can go a long way and put a good impression of you in their mind.

6. Practice Customer Appreciation

You may be wondering, how will this help sell a property or fill a tenant? It is important because the better that you treat your clients, the greater their experience will be. 

Word of mouth is still a very important piece of business and people will talk highly of others that value their customers. 

Get Started Today

Now that you have read more about the best property marketing tips, you can get started today. Your property is our priority and we want to make sure that you have a great experience throughout this process. Check out our blog for more helpful articles like this one.